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Service Information

In order to make the best preparations for your well-deserved vacation at the Podgorka Hotel, we have prepared some answers to your frequently asked questions, which you can read here.

Our friendly staff will ensure that your stay at the Podgorka Hotel is as comfortable as possible and they will be at your service, 24/7, at the front desk to answer any additional questions you may have.
Important information before your arrival at the hotel

The Podgorka Hotel is located in the very heart of Podgora, in the street called Branimirova obala, which is intended for pedestrians and car traffic is regulated with special rules.

Before you arrive by car, please call the hotel front desk at +385 (0)21 601 777 to get detailed instructions on how to access the hotel from our friendly staff. If you wish to park your vehicle in the hotel parking area, please find more information below.

In order for all guests and locals from Podgora to have a peaceful evening and enjoy the Podgora promenade, car access to the Podgorka Hotel is banned from 20:00 to 23:00. If you are arriving at Podgora during that time, please contact our friendly staff at +385 (0)21 601 777 and they will provide detailed instructions on checking into the hotel.

Exchange office

Regardless of where you have travelled from and what is your next destination, you don’t have to be concerned about currency exchange in the Podgorka Hotel.
At the hotel reception, along with other services, you can find an exchange office that offers the services of buying and selling world currencies. In order to be sure about the value of the currency you have, check the exchange rate, which changes every day.
If you have additional questions, our pleasant staff will be happy to help you.

Hotel restaurant

Fill up with energy at the comfortable Podgorka restaurant in the hotel. With the breakfast and dinner service and a vast buffet offer, which can be enjoyed on the restaurant terrace, we will ensure that you never run out of energy during your stay at beautiful Podgorka.

Breakfast in the Podgorka Restaurant is served every day from 07:00 to 10:00 and dinner is from 19:00 to 21:00, during which you can order a refreshing drink. You can sign the bill for the meal and it will be included in the price of your stay.

To avoid the biggest crowds, make sure you arrive for breakfast between 07:00 and 08:30, and for dinner between 20:00 and 21:00.


Your connection with the world can continue even during your vacation. You can spend your vacation as you wish, even with a secure Internet connection.
To the guests of the Podgorka Hotel, free Wi-Fi is always available in the lobby and reception area.
In order to log onto the Wi-Fi network, ask for log-in information from our pleasant staff at the hotel reception.
Share your experiences and information with others and follow uninterrupted content that interests you. 

Medical services

Your vacation is reserved for carefree relaxation and enjoyment, but sometimes even in those kinds of circumstances, you may have a need for a physician.
Regardless of the health issue that might befall you during your stay in Podgora, we ensure an adequate health service.
In a situation like that all you have to do is inform our pleasant staff at the hotel reception, who will promptly call the appropriate physician for you.


Secured parking for guests of the Podgorka Hotel is possible with an additional payment, and it is located near the hotel.

In order for your car to be safe during your stay at Podgorka, after check-in at the Podgorka Hotel front desk, and with prior announcement by calling +385 (0) 21 601 777, a member of our friendly reception staff will take you to your parking area.

The parking service will be charged at the end of our stay at the Podgorka Hotel, at the price of HRK 45 per day.

Pets at Podgorka hotel

Pets are not allowed to stay at the Podgorka Hotel, but we can offer additional solutions in order to ensure you and your pet have an appropriate and carefree vacation.
Hotel Podgorka is acquainted with the needs of guests who travel with pets and has all the information you need.
Ring the hotel reception on +385 (0)21 601 777 and our staff will provide you with all the necessary and useful information about pet hotels and other possibilities.

Hotel Podgorka Atrium

The well-tended courtyard of the Hotel Podgorka is a venue for plays, concerts and numerous other shows taking place during the Podgora Cultural Summer event. It is also the perfect location for a variety of activities in the gorgeous town of Podgora.

You can enjoy concerts of traditional Dalmatian and classical European music, as well as an array of comedic, dramatic and puppet plays in the atrium of the Hotel Podgorka, which is the perfect place to familiarise yourself with the culture of the Makarska Riviera and Dalmatia during the summer months.

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