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Medora Orbis mobile homes, glamping & pitches

Experience the beauty of camping

Immerse yourself in the beauty of camping in a modern equipped Medora Orbis campsite and let the rich Podgora nature rewards you with unforgettable landscapes, scents and peace that you needed so much.
Let one of our mobile homes become your summer oasis in which you will spend an unforgettable holiday. Did we tell you that some of them have their own heated pool as well? However, if you go on holiday with your own home on wheels, our modern equipped campsite will provide you with all the amenities you need for a perfect holiday.
All adventure and nature lovers are invited to indulge themselves in an unforgettable holiday experience in our unique glamping units when sleeping in a spacious tent – sphere which “levitates” above the soil surface.

If you arrive late or just want to enjoy your vacation without going to the store, order our welcome package at a price of € 38.00.

Mobile homes

Comfortable, new and modern equipped mobile homes at Medora Orbis Campsite will provide you with all the charm of traditional camping complemented with all the modern conveniences for a carefree enjoyment in all colours of Podgora.
All mobile homes at Medora Orbis campsite have a covered terrace with outdoor furniture, air conditioning device, bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Some of them dispose of a private heated pool with sunbathing area and sundecks.
Mobile homes are ideal for family holidays or enjoying with friends but are also a perfect choice for a complete relaxation and finding peace after a busy year, in an idyllic and beautiful Mediterranean environment.
Deluxe mobile home
  • Area 32 m2
  • 4+2 persons
Experience an unforgettable holiday in a gorgeous and modern mobile home with a private heated swimming pool and sun deck.
/galerije/Medora Orbis/medora orbis mobile photo 1.jpg
Deluxe mobile home 6
  • Area 34 m2
  • 6+2 persons
An ideal choice for a perfect holiday in a modern, high comfort mobile home with a private swimming pool and sun deck for larger families or a group of friends, as well as for relaxing and spending fun-packed days in Podgora.
/galerije/Superior MH 6-2/Superior mobile home 6 desk.png
Superior mobile home
  • Area 32 m2
  • 4+2 persons
Choose this modern, high-comfort mobile home. With two bedrooms, two fully furnished bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen, it is perfect for two-child families.
/galerije/Superior MH 4-2/Superior mobile home 4 desk.jpg
Superior mobile home 6
  • Area 34 m2
  • 6+2 persons
Choose this spacious mobile home whose three fully furnished bedrooms and two bathrooms make it a perfect choice for larger families or a group of friends.
/galerije/Superior mobile home – wheelchair accessibility/Superior mobile home – wheelchair accessibility mobile.png
Superior mobile home – wheelchair accessibility
  • Area 32 m2
  • 4+2 persons
Due to its look and specially built access, this mobile home is an ideal choice for disabled people.


Experience a unique and unrepeatable experience of camping in Medora Orbis camping glamping units surrounded by fascinating contrasts of Podgora nature!
You will finally get a great night's sleep in the glamping area of campsite, thanks to comfort spherical tents whilst your everyday life will be filled with idyllic gatherings in a modern decorated and fully equipped covered terrace with kitchen and bathroom. You can complete your holiday in beautiful glamping units by walking in nature, outdoor exercising or some activity at sea like jet skiing or parasailing.
/galerije/Glamping couple/Couple glamping cover mob.jpg
Couple Glamping Pad
  • “Hovering“ spherical tent
  • 2 persons
Explore a new dimension of camping in these one-of-a-kind glamping units in the heart of the Makarska Riviera. Sleeping area is 4,5 m2 with open living room area of 32,75 m2
/galerije/Glamping family/Family and friends glamping mob.jpg
Family & Friends Glamping Pad
  • 2 “hovering“ spherical tents
  • 4 persons
With its two “hovering“ spherical sleeping tents this accommodation unit is the perfect choice for adventurous families or a group of friends. Sleeping area is 4,5 m2 with open living room area of 32,75 m2

Pitches and camping places

Park your house on wheels on a state-of-the-art Medora Orbis pitch.
The proximity of the beach, as well as sanitary facilities and common areas with an outdoor covered grill, will make your holiday an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you are coming with your family or friends.
/galerije/Medora Orbis/Superior pitch mobile.jpg
Superior pitch
  • Pitch area: more than 80m2
Large pitches are situated in an elevated area in the immediate vicinity of the sanitary facilities and the common area with the covered grill.
/galerije/Medora Orbis/640x480 kamp mjesto.jpg
Camping place
  • Camping area: 59-88 m2
Located above the camping pitches on elevated ground.
Camping in Parks