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The greatest jewel of the Makarska Riviera

After 1960, the Makarska Riviera started to develop rapidly and became the leading tourist destination on the Adriatic coast, as well as a reference for great holidays. This is due to its many well-known tourist sites spread throughout the Riviera:


Brela is a small tourist resort that can boast the most beautiful beach in Europe and one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, according to the influential Forbes magazine. The beach is Punta rata. Apart from the clean sea and more than 6 km of pebble beaches, Brela is well-known for its sophisticated offer of rural tourism on the slopes of Biokovo, with an excellent gastronomic offer of local specialities.

Baška Voda

The first mention of Baška Voda was in 1688, on the Coranelli map, as a small fishing and agricultural place called Basca, which grew into one of the leading tourism centres on the Makarska Riviera today. Baška Voda justifies its location with its beautiful pebble beaches, long promenades along the sea, pine forests and an array of hotels, apartments, and tourist amenities.


Promajna is the perfect harbour for a peaceful family or romantic holiday, that offers its guests excellent accommodation in villas and apartments, a beautiful promenade along the sea, clean beaches, relaxation in the shade of centuries-old pine trees, and cosy gourmet facilities.


It is the largest place in the Makarska Riviera that gave its name to the whole area. The city is renowned for a variety of hospitality and entertainment facilities, cultural events and concerts, especially the Fishermen's nights, the Kalelarga nights and the summer carnival.


The town of Tučepi has the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera (5 km long) with a lovely promenade. Tučepi is an attractive tourist destination with its cultural and historical monuments and a catering offer of local cuisine.


According to many, the most beautiful place on the Makarska Riviera, Podgora, has become a true little paradise, offering its visitors an ecologically clean beach and beautiful sea, a rich gastronomic offer, numerous restaurants and taverns, modern hotel and apartment accommodation, as well as entertainment and sports facilities. The best recommendation for a perfect family holiday is the Medora Auri Family Beach Resort, a hotel that is distinguished due to its excellence of tourist service tailored to satisfy the needs of every guest.


It is a small fishing village for all those who want peace, quiet, and want to enjoy the beautiful nature, seaside, quiet coves, mountain hiking on Biokovo, and the joy of serenity and the natural gifts of the Mediterranean.


It is another picturesque place in the Makarska Riviera for a peaceful family or romantic getaway. Apart from its natural benefits, Drašnice is famous for its sacred objects, dating back to the 15th century.


The small town of Igrane was known for its olive groves and the production of famous olive oil; today, with its modern olive processing facility, it is a place completely dedicated to tourism, with numerous apartments and hotels, restaurants, a beautiful promenade by the sea and beautifully landscaped beaches. Above Igrane, on the slopes of Biokovo, is the most important medieval monument of the Makarska Riviera, the Church of St. Michael from the 11th century.


A picturesque, authentic Dalmatian town consisting of the three settlements of Porat, Mala Duba and Blato, dedicated to tourism, well known for its hospitality, delicious gastronomic offer and comfortable accommodation in hotels, villas and apartments. Živogošće has been populated since the ancient Roman times, which can be seen in the remains of the Illyrian graves and villa rustica.


Located between two natural coves, Gornja and Donja Vala, the town of Drvenik delights with the beauty of its natural landscape. Drvenik is first mentioned in the 13th century and its name comes from the Croatian word for wood, “drvo”. Today, its guests enjoy a true and quiet holiday, away from the urban environment and in the charms of its cultural and gastronomic offer.


Zaostrog is first mentioned in the 15th century, and the first inhabitants came from the mountainous area of Biokovo towards the sea in the 17th century. Since the 20th century, the place has been living from tourism, which is its main economic activity. Nowadays, there are numerous hotels, camps, apartments and villas, a rich catering offer and a beautiful promenade along the crystal clean sea and decorated sand, with pebble beaches in Zaostrog.


Podaca is a peaceful tourist village which consists of 3 smaller villages: Kapeć, Viskovića vala and Ravanje. The place has natural beauty, clean sea, beautiful beaches, pleasant accommodation and a tourist offer tailor made for a special family holiday.


It is an attractive and small tourist town, where the locals are still engaged in agriculture, fishing and olive growing. A place of special indigenous experience of the old Mediterranean in combination with modern accommodation units, well-kept beaches, a restaurant offer of local delicacies and cultural and historical monuments from the 15th century.


A calm Dalmatian place of rich archaeological finds from ancient times as evidence of ancient settlements. Today, the inhabitants mostly work in tourism, fishing, agriculture and olive growing. There is a beautiful long pebble beach in Gradac, the favourite place for a summer holiday of many visitors. Above it lies a beautiful and long promenade with numerous restaurants, entertainment facilities, hotels and apartments.
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