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We think green!

Sustainability is our way of doing business!

Did you know that the Medora Auri was one of the first hotels in Croatia to obtain the Travelife certificate of sustainability in 2017?
In 2018, we received the Gold medal in sustainability based on customer ratings by the TUI Nordic agency, after competing against 40 Blue Star hotels around the world.

Here at the Medora Auri Hotel, we pay special attention to sustainable business practices and environmental protection, and we also invite you, our guests, to play an active role in the important mission to preserve the health of our planet.
During your stay, you will probably notice many different details related to this, especially the following:

Electric vehicles
  1. We use an electric vehicle to transport guests on the hotel grounds.
  2. We own an electric vehicle charging station.

Reception desk
  1. The room key card sleeves are made from recycled paper.
  2. Your receipt is also printed on recycled paper, which helps preserve our forests.

Hotel room
  1. The air-conditioning unit in your room automatically switches off when the balcony doors are opened. The air-conditioning unit is centrally programmed and can be individually adjusted by +/- 5oC. Thank you for not leaving the air-conditioning on when you leave the room.
  2. Your bedding will be changed once every three days, as per hotel standards. If you need to have your bedding changed sooner, please take the note to change the bedding, which can be found next to the bed, and place it on the pillow.
  3. A note to change the towels is available in the bathroom. If you wish to use a towel multiple times, please hang it on the towel rail or hooks. If you want the towels to be changed, please leave them on the bathroom floor.
  4. The tap water pressure is regulated automatically to ensure optimum water usage.
  5. The bathroom hygiene bags and laundry bags are made from biodegradable material.
  6. All of the hygiene supplies and cosmetic products in the bathroom are paraben-free and enclosed in boxes made from recycled materials.

Restaurants and bars
  1. We use biodegradable straws made from renewable materials in all of our establishments.
  2. We avoid throwing away food that is still edible, so the buffet will not be entirely full near closing time. However, you can always ask for any additional meal we offer if necessary.

The pool and beach
  1. We recommend air-drying your pool and beach towels and using them multiple times, which helps reduce water pollution caused by detergents.
  2. Using inflatable plastic mattresses and pool toys contributes to pollution, and they are only allowed in the hotel pool for children.
Communal areas
  1. The hotel uses solar energy to heat water.
  2. We use recycled paper towels in all of the public toilets.
  3. There are waste containers for sorting waste in the hotel’s public areas. Thank you for helping us protect the environment by respecting the rules on proper waste sorting.
Protection and safety of children
  1. The hotel complies with protection and safety regulations that ensure a safe stay for all our guests, especially children.
  2. We are particularly devoted to protecting children from sexual abuse. This is why our staff have been trained on how to act if they suspect a child is in danger.
Animal welfare
  1. In order to maintain a natural balance in the ecosystem, we kindly ask you not to feed the seagulls, sparrows, cats, and other animals found on hotel grounds.

Local community
  1. Medora hotels and resorts welcome every opportunity to take part in the grants, sponsorships and activities of various local groups, arts and culture associations, sports clubs, and charity projects.
  2. In accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, we endeavour to develop and maintain a partnership with everyone involved in the local community. 
  3. We value local suppliers and business owners, and make an effort to buy their products whenever possible.
  4. With your charitable contributions, you too can take part in projects that benefit the lives of everyone in the wider community of Podgora. For more information on ongoing projects, please contact our reception staff who will be happy to help and show you the donation box where you can make your contribution.
  1. Our business is fully compliant with the Croatian Labour Act.
  2. We value our employees and treat them fairly and with respect, ensuring no one is discriminated against on the basis of their age, disability, nationality, gender, race, political views, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  3. We place great emphasis on the professional development of our employees and provide them with various forms of training that help them perform their tasks better and build their careers in our company.
  4. We try to employ local people whenever possible.
  5. We educate all of our employees on the importance and benefits of sustainable business practices with the aim of fostering their better understanding and active involvement in the realisation of our goals.
Medora fit!
  1. Vacation has always been a time when we escape our everyday routine and training schedule. This is why we have created the Medora Fit programme, where your health comes first. For more information on the Medora Fit activity programme, please contact our entertainment department staff.

Your ideas!
Feel free to send us your ideas to support sustainable business practices and environmental protection. We will reward every idea that can be implemented in our daily business with special benefits for any future reservations at Medora hotels and resorts. You can send your suggestions to:
Thank you for making our planet a better place.
Your Medora Team
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