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Podgora is a place full to the brim with differences, its beauty and sun attracting numerous curious people wanting rest and enjoyment.
Precisely because of this, we have created special offers that turn your dream vacation into a reality.  Special accommodation prices and unique experiences we are able to offer are just a part of what you can expect here with us in Podgora.
Every day is an opportunity to find something new for yourself and make your vacation more beautiful and affordable.
Find an offer you can’t refuse, and we will do everything to meet your expectations.
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Medora Auri: Early booking 2020
  • Don't think about stress, book now and pay less!
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Medora Orbis: Early booking 2020
  • Experience all the charms of camping with the lowest price!
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Hotel Podgorka: Early booking 2020
  • Book early and save!
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Book directly, it's worth it!
  • With guarantee of lowest price, experience additional benefits!
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