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2016 TUI Blue Star – Hotel Room Standard BRONZE

In 2016, the Medora Auri Hotel won a bronze TUI Nordic Blue Star award for the complete maintenance and cleanliness of the hotel. This recognition is a special thank you for all the effort our employees have put in to create a more beautiful and quality surrounding area for our guests’ vacation.

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2016 TUI Blue Star – Best Wi-Fi service SPECIAL

The Medora Auri Hotel recognises the importance of a quality internet connection in this modern, digital age. That is why we take special pride in this unique TUI Nordic Blue Star award for the best Wi-Fi service among 37 hotels on the Mediterranean.

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2017 TUI Blue Star – Hotel General Impression GOLD

The Medora Auri Hotel won the gold Tui Nordic Blue Star award for excellent hotel impression. This award is a great recognition of the effort we have put into providing quality accommodation and it will encourage us to provide the best possible service to our beloved guests.

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2017 Loved by Guests award – 8.8

The Medora Auri Hotel is a proud winner of the award of the portal as a hotel loved by guests with a high grade of 8.8/10. This award shows that our service is going in the right direction and we will continue to listen to the comments and proposals of our guests in order to become the best quality hotel in the Makarska Riviera.

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2017 – 2019 Travelife GOLD Certificate

The Medora Auri Hotel won the Travelife Gold certificate, which means that it satisfies the criteria on socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. We have managed to satisfy up to 150 criteria, such as waste management and advising guests about preserving the environment, helping in the development of Podgora by participating in annual activities under the organisation of the Podgora Tourist Community, advancing the knowledge of our employees and improving working conditions at the Medora Auri hotel and many, many other positive things. We are still actively working on improving sustainable development in the hotel and the company, and we will strive to receive this prestigious gold certificate for many years in the future.

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2018 TUI Blue Star – Sustainability award GOLD

In 2018, the Medora Auri Hotel won the gold Tui Nordic Blue Star award for sustainable development. Sustainability is an important subject in our business world and we are doing everything in our power to advance operations in that area. This prestigious award is proof of our effort in the area of sustainability and motivation for further development and assistance in creating a better and healthier future.

2018 Holiday Check award

In 2018, the HolidayCheck portal, one of the world's leading destination reviews portals, gave the Medora Auri Hotel an award as a recommended hotel. Including the grade of 5.5/6, this proves the type of quality service we provide to our guests, including the challenge to keep improving our service in future in order for our guests to have the best possible vacation experience.

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